Where to Put a Skylight in Your Home?
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Where to Put a Skylight in Your Home?

South Carolina sees around 200 days of sunshine a year. With so much sunshine, some South Carolina residents are beginning to take advantage of skylights in their homes. Now, a skylight isn’t a light, but it might as well be!

Skylights give you maximum natural light exposure wherever you choose to install them. However, you may be asking yourself: where do I install it?

Read here to learn suggestions on where to install your skylight!


A skylight in the kitchen is one of the best locations to choose from. Some kitchens have adequate but underwhelming lighting. Some areas of your kitchen have insufficient light in the places you conduct detailed work, like chopping or peeling vegetables.

A skylight will provide illumination overhead, lighting up those tough-to-reach places when you focus on a particular area.

Additionally, skylights help free up more space for food or equipment storage! With more natural light overhead, there is less need for traditional windows.


Some bathrooms, for privacy reasons or otherwise, have insufficient natural light. In addition to the lack of natural light without windows, these bathrooms have a higher chance of water damage, including water damage, mold, and mildew.

A skylight installed in your bathroom gives it natural light while keeping privacy and offering much-needed ventilation to let moisture escape!


As you might have already noticed, a key benefit of skylights is the natural light it gives off during the day. What if you could achieve natural light at night? With a skylight in your bedroom, you will be able to gaze up at the stars from the comfort of your own bed!

The human body’s circadian rhythm is dependent on the natural rising of the sun in the morning. A skylight will help you achieve illumination in the morning, helping you wake up more naturally.


Think you can't install a skylight in your kitchen or bathroom because you have attic space above? No problem, we can build a 'chase' inside your attic that connects the skylight on your roof to the room below.

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