Tips to Prepare Your Coastal Home for Hurricane Season
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Tips to Prepare Your Coastal Home for Hurricane Season

You are no stranger when it comes to hurricanes in the Sea Island area. Hurricane season lasts anywhere from May all the way through November, with the highest volume spanning from August to the end of September.

Not only are hurricanes dangerous to you and your family, but your home’s exterior may also fall victim to a storm's mighty power. It’s always a good idea to prepare yourself for this destructive weather. That’s why Sea Island Residential put together this list of tips to prepare you for an impending storm!

Tarp Your Roof

Your roof is the first to sustain damage in the event of a hurricane. Many residents tarp their roofs if they see any damage endured after a hurricane. However, it’s important to note that making sure you are ready to tarp your roof is half the battle. Be sure to have all the proper tools ready such as wood boards, thick polyester or tarp material, nails, and a hammer, so you can tarp your roof as soon as you spot damage.

Timing is key to tarping your roof as you don’t want to allow excess moisture to seep in, giving you a barrier until you can repair your shingles or replace your roof.

Trim Overhanging Branches

Trees near your home provide ample shade and a shield from the wind. Unfortunately, any overhanging branches have the potential to damage your home’s exterior. Before hurricane season ramps up, be sure to trim any overhanging branches.

Preparing Your Gutters

Hurricanes easily rip gutters off when they pass through. Sometimes, you cannot prevent them from coming off, but taking precautions will significantly help. Keep up with cleaning your gutters and ensuring they are adequately secure before a hurricane falls to shore. Contact a trusted exterior contractor if you need assistance with preparing your gutters.

Apply for South Carolina Safe Home

The state of South Carolina is well aware of the damage hurricanes cause. That’s why they offer the South Carolina Safe Home program. You may be eligible for up to $5,000 in grants to bolster your home’s exterior against hurricanes and other severe weather.

You can apply for the SC Safe Home grant on their website.

Call on Sea Island Residential for Hurricane Preparation and Exterior Repair

Whether you need exterior repairs after a hurricane or need assistance preparing for hurricane season, Sea Island Residential has the tools to assist you in all your needs.

Get a free quote online or give us a call at 843-593-3049 today!

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